business trip to Toronto

As a business person, you may be required to go on regular trips for meetings with clients and shareholders.

While business travel can seem tedious and complicated, it can be an enjoyable experience if you plan appropriately. You’ll need to find comfortable accommodation and nearby cafes or restaurants to keep your stomach full during the trip.

If your upcoming trip is in Toronto, you won’t struggle to organize the perfect trip to increase business productivity and enhance your reputation. It’s an exciting city with a range of rental properties or hotels for extended visits, and there are thousands of top-rated dining facilities that offer delicious food.

Below, we’ve covered three important things to know when you’re planning your business trip to Toronto.

You Will Need to Find and Book Accommodation Early

You can choose short-term rentals in downtown Toronto of all sizes and styles. There is certainly no shortage of options, with both furnished and unfurnished properties available for singles (if you’re traveling solo) or couples (if you’re heading to Toronto with a business partner).

However, if you want a room in the center of downtown Toronto, you will need to book in advance. The top-rated, central rental properties and rooms book up quickly, and the earlier you reserve your spot, the better.

As soon as you know the dates of your business trip, research accommodation options and save your space.

Find the Best Food Services or Restaurants Near Your Accommodation

Consider whether you want to book accommodation with food service so you can order food directly to your room after a long day of business meetings. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in a location that resides near cafes, takeaways, and restaurants to enjoy dining out during your stay in Toronto.

Your employer might offer to pay for your food and drink expenses while you’re away. Alternatively, they might subsidize some of your food and travel costs during the trip.

The Presto Card is a Life Saver for Business Trip

Toronto has an extensive public transport system, including trams, buses, and the subway. You might need to use one or more of these modes of transport to get to and from your business meetings while you’re staying in the area.

The Presto Card is a travel card that you can top up and use to tap into and out of stations or buses. It works the same way as a contactless card, enabling you to pay for your journeys quickly and easily.

Toronto is pedestrian-friendly, too, so you can walk to and from your business meetings if they’re close enough to your accommodation. Be careful when crossing major roads, and always use the allocated crossings to get to the other sides of the roads if needed.

If you’re a keen cyclist, consider cycling around the city. Although it’s always heaving with traffic, it’s also relatively safe for cyclists, as long you stay to the side of the road and avoid venturing into the highly congested main roads.

In Conclusion

Planning a business trip to Toronto can be both productive and enjoyable if you keep a few key factors in mind. First and foremost, securing accommodation well in advance is crucial, especially if you aim to stay in the heart of downtown Toronto. With a plethora of rental options available, early booking ensures you get the best location to suit your needs.

Next, consider your dining preferences. Whether you opt for accommodation with food services or prefer exploring the city’s diverse culinary scene, Toronto offers a wide array of dining experiences. If your company covers food expenses, you can savor the local cuisine without worry.

Lastly, navigating the city is made easy with the Presto Card, a convenient travel card that simplifies your access to Toronto’s public transportation system. Whether you choose trams, buses, or the subway, the Presto Card streamlines your journeys, allowing you to focus on your business meetings.

Toronto, known for its blend of business opportunities and cultural attractions, can offer an enriching experience for the business traveler. By planning ahead and considering these key aspects, you can make the most of your trip to this vibrant Canadian metropolis, ultimately enhancing both your productivity and your professional reputation.

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