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In summers mostly people love to do motorboat cruising and this is offered by many countries around the world. But, there are environmental issues which many people are not aware of. Lots of fuel required to run the board which raises the climatically hazards around the world as more gas are go up in the air. So electric boats startups are emerging these days to overcome the situation.

The revolution has come and the maritime team has evolved with the new electric power Industry and becomes the Teslas of water are running free of fuel and its not harmful for the environment.

Sweden based company X shore has remarkably dealt with the climate issues as they are manufacturing high end electric boats. Eelex 8000 it was an electric boat that works on power so that no toxic fumes are thrown in the air and minimal combustion has been found in the air.

X shore had played a vital role in getting funds of $50million as the new investor Peter who is the founder of Northvolt is involved in raising this amount of money.

One more company which is also Sweden based named Candela has revolutionized by introducing the electric boat the uniqueness of this boat is that it runs on hydrofoil technology and it is also based on computer guided system and the company wishes to commercialize multiple boats based on these technology.

The company has recently launched Candela C-8 which has the capability to travel in the southern Europe from one destination to another.

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Another company Arc boats which is based in USA is also changing the world, as they are introducing the electrifying boats, there initial focus is based on the boats which participated in water sport.

Navier is also based in USA and there main focus is to cut the cost by 90% they have successfully launched 15 vessels and they are planning 400 more units by 2024.

Pure Water Craft is a very well known company which is based in USA. It provides the fantastic technology with electric propulsion system which makes boats speed and running much smoother this company has partner with all the leading manufacturers so that they can sell more boats in the market.

Evoy is a company based in Norway and it has very much powerful outboard system they are working on the development in this area by raising very good amount of money which they will spend in research and development and also expand there exposure in the market.

While there are lots of other startups are making electric boats we have chosen the famous electric boats startups only.

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