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Mobile applications have become the heart and soul of the digital world. We cannot imagine smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, or literally any mobile device without apps. We will discuss here the top 7 lucrative mobile app niches for investment purposes.

Considering the market size of mobile applications, which is predicted to reach $407.31 billion by 2026, I consider the mobile app market a very lucrative market to tap into.

The market is all set to grow, the demand for apps is increasing, and there’s a lot of potential in the domain when you’re thinking of it from a business’s standpoint.

Today, we’ve got several companies offering mobile app game development services, iOS or Android app development, and many other digital solutions to help appreneurs unlock the potential of apps for themselves.

And where this market looks lucrative and relatively easier to capture, let me tell you that it isn’t.

There’s a lot that you need to uncover and plan before diving into the application development and publishing phase, and finding the most lucrative niche within the app’s world just happens to be one of them.

Mobile apps have been solving particular problems of the users for 10 years now, and there are different apps that the users can use for different purposes.

The best part?

Well, regardless of the niche of the app, if the app in itself is super intuitive, easy to use, delivers a fantastic experience, and has specific other components that play a critical role in the success of an app, there’s a tremendous potential in terms of revenue that it can unlock for you.

So, with the intro and mild approach out of the way, let’s get started on discovering the most trending app niches that you should totally check out in 2021.

So, to ensure the overwhelming success of your app, you need to capitalize on the niches that are trending.

Therefore, today we’re going to look into some of the most profitable niches in the app world that you can consider for your app.

Let’s get started!

Top 7 Lucrative Mobile App Niches

1.  Financial Apps

If you’re an entrepreneur, you already know the stress and hassle of managing your finances by the end of the month.

Plus, after all the hard work throughout the day or after focusing on more strategic initiatives and plans, finding out why there’s a $3000 decrease in revenue this month can be challenging.

Therefore, what if you could manage your finances on the go?

What if there was an app that let you efficiently manage, calculate, remind you and even enable you to learn a few things when it comes to finances and tax management?

Well, this is what this niche is all about.

You can select this lucrative mobile app niche to get an app developed for the finance and accountancy market.

And through the app, you can enable them to manage, control and plan their finances efficiently.

By helping entrepreneurs keep track of their finances, investments, plans, and accounts, you’ll end the curiosity of millions of them worldwide.

Financial apps

2.    Travelling & Tourism Apps

Humans are social beings.

We love to travel, meet new people, see exciting and thrilling wonders of nature and just escape from our daily busy routine.

For centuries, tourism and traveling have been the love of humans around the world.

However, in the modern world, finding destinations, booking hotels, arranging transport, and much more travel and tourism-related have become seamlessly convenient.

And this is the reason why traveling and touring apps are on this list of lucrative mobile app niches.

The demands of such apps continue to surge as we speak, and the high-rise will not stop anytime soon.

Therefore, with the technology making it possible for you to create such an app for the users, maybe it’s time you think of creating the perfect traveling app that enables them to travel wherever they want and however they want.

Within this niche, there are sub-niches or types of apps that you can create for, i.e., City Apps, Long distance traveling apps, sightseeing apps, hotel booking apps, and more.

Traveling app niche

3.  On-demand Service Apps

Resourcefulness is an integral demand of every business, entrepreneur, or employee, which is why On-demand services apps have grown exponentially over the years.

Many apps are available in the market that enables users to easily manage and control various functions or tasks.

In a nutshell, these apps have become integral for users. Strategically targeting a specific aspect, these apps give the users the solution to a specific problem.

Therefore, this problem-solving aspect is what makes them innovative and revolutionary. The best example of such apps can be Coursera or Udemy.

By utilizing the apps mentioned above, users can easily access educational material whenever they want. They can get enrolled in courses, see their grades, submit assignments and earn certifications.

With the all-in-one app functionality and features, these apps belong to one of the most lucrative niches you can tap into to position your business for long-term success.

Furthermore, some other categories of this niche include billing apps, service apps, online shopping apps, logistic apps, booking apps, and more.

So, if you’re willing to take this niche seriously, think about the apps mentioned above or the Walmart app. Determine how they’re solving a specific problem.

Another suggestion would be to consider solving a different problem. Come up with a new idea, an innovative solution for your audience.

Although the ‘new to the world’ app would take some time to establish its market, it will benefit you in the long run.

4.  Fitness & Health Care Apps

We’ve all been struck hard by the pandemic and people today are more conscious about their fitness and health than ever before.

However, they still lack the time these things generally require. For example, it is challenging for a full-time employee or an entrepreneur to go to the gym for exercise or visit a healthcare professional daily or even weekly.

So, what works best for such individuals are the fitness and healthcare apps.

These apps allow such individuals to easily stay up to date on the latest trends in the fitness and healthcare world.

Apps enable users to manage their diet plan, learn about specific exercises, keep track of their health and ensure optimum physical fitness by simply opening an app on their smartphone.

Moreover, many top Smartphone brands like Huawei, Apple, or Samsung have fitness and healthcare apps of their own. They’ve established a massive customer base over the years.

However, there’s still much room available for the improvement and, of course, innovation. Therefore, here’s another lucrative mobile app niche that you can select for your app project.

5.  Parenting Apps

The parenting apps aim to guide parents about the best practices that they can adapt to for educating their kids.

Also, considering that smartphones have a significant impact on the lives of kids and even toddlers, this lucrative app niche is set to grow beyond expectations.

So, how can you put this niche to work for your app project?

Well, you can start with making a positive impact on the kids. You can foster a culture of communication between kids and mentors or teachers to help the kids learn new things and engage in developmental activities.

You can also include tips and tricks for parents to raise their children. You can give them advice on how they can educate their child or learn particular skills.

Or you could always totally change the game and give parents total control over what their kids are watching or accessing on the internet.

There are literally immeasurable data on the internet that should never be accessed by children.

Therefore, giving parents the option to monitor the actives of their kids is undoubtedly an excellent idea to help society and skyrocket your revenue.

6.  Event Management Apps

The modern world has given rise to modern solutions for the world. One such field experiencing transformation is the event management and planning field.

Event management apps stepped in and changed the game just when increased workload, demands, and managing labor force were becoming overwhelming.

Today, event management professionals can stay organized, maintain records and solve several issues seamlessly without wasting time.

Event management and planning apps allow users to plan entire events easily while giving them tips and insights on the trends in the market that they can leverage to create exciting venues and moments for their clients.

Furthermore, what you can do here is that you can introduce your own event management and planning app that comprises various features aimed at improving the creativity of the users.

The app can include ideas and features that improve the user’s creativity, artistry, decoration skills, venue, color selection, and much more. 

7.  Gaming Apps

I don’t think this niche needs an introduction. There are literally several mobile games available in the market, and I’m pretty sure that even you have played one or two games once in your life at least.

It is safe to say that the new form of gaming is mobile gaming. Over the Google Play and App Store, you’ll find several games designed for people of different ages.

From productive games that train your mind like Puzzles and Chess to actions Games Like Call Of Duty or PUBG, the mobile gaming niche is filled with exciting games that the users are loving.

In fact, some games have become an enormous success overnight. Therefore, if you’re willing to give the users a new and intuitive adventure, you can always select the mobile gaming niche.

Over To You

With all the niches out of the way, it is time to determine which kind of niche would be best for you.

So, my suggestion would be to go for the niche that you have experience in. You need to know the industry before you’ve decided to create an app for the market, right?

Therefore, I recommend that you opt for market analysis, competitor research, gap analysis, and SWOT analysis to determine if you can tap into the niche that you’ve selected.

Once you’ve made an informed decision, you’ll be able to scale your app and ensure its success in the long run.

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