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Jeena Alfredo is a passionate digital marketer at The Business Goals. She is working with other companies to help them manage the relationship with The Business Goals for the publications.
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Employee perks

5 Reasons Employee Perks Are Important

The importance of employee perks in today's ever-changing settings cannot be emphasized. Offering generous benefits packages can be the differentiator in attracting and keeping...
Ecommerce Funding

Ecommerce Funding Checklist: Essential Steps for a Successful Capital Raise

More and more businesses have embraced the e-commerce concept. And entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who see it as an opportunity and seize it....
wage dispute attorney

Benefits Of Hiring A Wage Dispute Attorney

Are you currently involved in a wage dispute with your employer? Navigating workplace disagreements about pay can be difficult, often leaving employees feeling undervalued...
Travel Experience

How to Have a Stress-Free Travel Experience as a CEO

As a CEO, you have to navigate the world of business travel, which can be challenging but doesn't have to be unpleasant. Your travel...
Print Media

How Print Media Suppliers Can Help You Meet Your Goals

When you first started up your business, you might have laid out a set of goals that you wanted to work toward and that...

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