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Did you know that not long ago, in 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed that victims lost $3.5 billion to online scams? Due to breakthroughs in cybersecurity online security is improving, but the scams are also becoming more potent with every passing moment. In this post we will discuss popular scams and how to avoid online scams.

First, ensure your online security by subscribing to a secure internet connection like Spectrum internet that comes with antivirus offerings for free. Then, ensure that you follow the practices mentioned below to avoid falling prey to online scams.

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Payments for Risk Management Services

You may come across scamming attempts prompting you to pay online. For example, on your web browser, you may see a pop-up telling you that your security is at risk and you need to buy a certain antivirus to resolve the threats. Such a message may also end up in your mailbox. The best way to avoid this online scam is don’t respond to such a request as it’s only an attempt to get your money.

Sweepstakes and Lottery Pop-ups

You may receive an email telling you that you have won a huge amount of money. Always look at the email address carefully for usually the email itself will give the scammer away. Even if it doesn’t, make sure to look up the mailing authority on the internet and you’ll find their actual email. He/she may try to compel you to provide your personal information after which you can claim the prize. Never share your personal information over the web unless you’re absolutely sure it’s with a reliable authority. Remember that if you do win a prize, the authority will likely call you on your personal cell phone. They won’t contact you over email and ask for personal details in written form. Avoid to contact them.

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Phishing Emails

Remember that phishing emails are quite common and if you open them or click on a suspicious URL, you may end up providing access to your personal information. Hackers can get your private data and then blackmail you into paying them huge amounts of money in exchange for your data. Therefore, make sure to even avoid clicking on a suspicious email. It may contain malware that may provide scammers access to your private media files and more. This is one of the most dangerous online scam.

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Shipment of Fake Products or Nothing at All

Online shopping scams are real and many people become their victims. You may go to a website with a poor interface only because they’re offering the latest tech product with more than half the price waived off. Once you’ve paid the money, you may receive a copy of the original product. Or maybe nothing at all. The solution to this issue is simply refraining from doing any business with unreliable and unknown websites. Look for online reviews before you make such a purchase. How to avoid this kind of scam is simple never buy the products from the infamous online store. You need to scan the pricing strategy and the online presence of the store.

Credit Card and Online Account Details Scam

Always avoid to share the CC info to unfamiliar websites. On any unreliable website, make sure to never share your credit card details. Scammers may even mail you asking for them. Note that your bank already has such information and will never ask you to provide such important information in written form. Never respond to such emails and just ignore them.

Fake Bills for Small Business Owners

If you own a business then you may fall prey to fake bill scams. You may even be targeted with the help of ads, products, or services. Mailing fake bills from a so-called reputable business directory is a popular way to fool business owners. Such propositions usually include a hidden subscription. The solution is to simply avoid any emails from contacts missing in your address book or labeled as spam.

Job and Hiring-related Scams

There are many fake jobs present on the web that may entice you with lavish incentives, high salaries, and much more. You may feel that this is a good opportunity and you must go for it but stop right there and then. Note that all good jobs are available on reliable hiring websites. Avoid any such emails, ads, or pop-ups. The job may even come with a small application fee. Again, note that this is a simple scam and you won’t get your money back.

Healthcare and Medical Scams

Scammers even take advantage of philanthropists who want to help the underprivileged and financially weak members of society. Many charity scams are present online and they are getting access to an alarming number of credit card details. Such people use a lot of tactics to appeal to one’s empathy and once they have the payment, they simply stop responding. Such scams often come with discount offers that you can avail so that free medicines can be delivered to patients. Make sure to avoid such scams and only give your donations to reliable welfare and health organizations in your local area.

While the threat of online scams can never truly be eliminated, make sure that you religiously stick to the above practices. With that said, choosing a secure web package from Spectrum packages is a wise idea. Look for other ISPs in your area that provide safe communication over the web. Take every precaution to keep your assets and your personal information safe!

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